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Creating demand for the products we represent within our service area starts with the Design community. We are continuously improving our relationships with the Architects and Consultants within our service area. We provide an array of services for architects, specifiers and consultants; some of these services include specification writing, submittal packaging, training, as well as continuing education and product seminars. With a diverse product line, we can objectively evaluate projects and provide solutions to problems based on physical requirements, budget constraints and owner/specifier preferences.

Substitution Requests

We make every effort to generate specifications while a project is in the planning stage. Even so, some projects do go out to bid without the inclusion of our products. We record the bid date, register the project manager into our database, call the appropriate project manager to inform them of our interest in being involved with their project, and generate a substitution request. If we are not approved, we contact the project manager and seek an explanation. Often, when the request for substitution is handled in a professional manner, it can be the beginning of our ability to build a level of trust with the project manager and their firm. We often revisit firms that have not included our products in order to gain their trust by demonstrating our commitment to understanding their needs as they relate to the products they choose. This process also gives us the ability to keep track of project managers that we need to work on.

Design Build & Private Negotiated Opportunities

Our growing involvement with owners and specifiers has given us the opportunity to serve as impartial consultants for owners, project managers, and general contractors as they work through the Division 7 product options for their projects.

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Have a Question?