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Job Lead Programs

After a specification is published and we are either specified or approved through the substitution request process, our job lead program communicates this information to all of our approved contractors. We also keep in constant communication with the distribution Commercial Construction Center and/or the manufacturer that will quote projects. We have an extensive network that enables us to track jobs from beginning to end, which provides us with the ability to work closely with the projects and have a better award process.

Design Conferences

We continue to offer opportunities for participation in professional industry sponsored events that are held in our service area. Many professional events, held at local conference centers, bring together the architectural, design, and consulting communities. All Coastal Representatives are AIA certified for “Industry Continuing Education Credit” AIA presentations.

Foreman’s Workshops

Every year we hold product specific workshops for our installers to refresh their understanding of the products and systems and update them about any changes or new information available. In addition to in-shop and on-site training, product development programs can include contractor seminars and workshops at the manufacturing plant.

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Have a Question?